How to Remove a Stuck Ring Easily Without any Pain

How to Remove a Stuck Ring Easily Without any Pain

Every single person living on this Earth has confronted with this “technical problem” at least once in their lives

Struggling to remove a ring or your wedding band from your swollen finger might become a tricky mission. Swollen fingers, weight gain, water retention, are just some of the factors that might lead to this scenario.

The first days after buying it, the jewelry piece can be removed easily, but with time, at least one of the factors I just lived above might interfere.

Many experienced jewelers have struggled over time to discover more innovative methods related to an easier removal, but their mission was always hampered by the impossibility of putting themselves in the shoes of the person concerned.

How to Remove a Stuck Ring Easily

Our experts have come up with some miraculous solution that won’t hurt a bit, here are some useful tips in case you stumble upon a similar situation:

  • Raise your arm for a few minutes

The first thing you have to do is deflate your fingers: this is the simplest method and does not require much effort. So. lift your arms over your head and hold them for 2 to 3 minutes with your fingertips directed upwards. After this try to remove the ring from your finger.

  • Hold your hand in cold water

Cold water has a therapeutic effect, contributing decisively to the reduction of edema and to the dehydration of the hands. Put your hands in a pot filled with cold water and leave it there for a few minutes. After a few minutes, your fingers will start to shrink and you can easily remove the ring from your finger.

  • Rub your hands with some cream

If holding your hands upright or putting hands in cold water don’t work, apply the cream both on your finger and on the ring. It can also be a shower gel, soap or a little bit of oil. Slowly massage your finger and then try to remove it.

  • Use a pin to remove the ring from your finger

If none of these methods worked and the situation is a bit more complicated, use a stick or a pad. Wrap that tightly around your finger, and when you reach the ring, insert it through the ring.

Then, apply a little bit of cream on the thread. Later, rotate the ring and pull it over with the dental floss.

If this method also doesn’t work, it’s probably time to call a doctor. If you hesitate, there may be more serious problems caused by blood blockages.

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