How to Control Anger | Anger Management Tips

How to Control Anger | Anger Management Tips

Anger, unlike any other psychological disorder, is characterized by the fact that the subject does not realize that he/she has a problem.

In most cases, these people get nervous because they think the people around them are not doing what they should do and things are not how they think it should be.

In those moments, they are thinking about breaking, kicking or even hit someone.

Do you happen to find yourself in what I just wrote? Because we all know it’s not easy to control those feelings of frustration and anger, especially right in the middle of the “action”.

Instead of generating a feud in which you will probably end up looking like the bad guy, we are happy to let you know that there are a few simple techniques meant to help you in terms of controlling that temper and to manage conflicting situations without generating any negative side-effects.

Best Tips to Control Your Anger

 Let’s find out together How To Control That Nasty Feeling of “Chronic” Anger

  1. “If you’re angry, count up to ten before you start talking. In case you are VERY angry, it’s up to 100”, said Thomas Jefferson at one point.

Well, one of the golden rules, when you’re very nervous, is to shut up, because feelings may “get” hurt, and, instead of remedying the situation, it can degenerate into something way too serious. So, breathe in, count up to ten, and talk only when you feel calm.

  1. Try to ignore those who deliberately want to upset you. Unfortunately, throughout your life, you will also become forced to deal with some people who possess that evil pleasure to get under our skin.

If you manage to remain careless with their words because you finally realize it’s beneath your dignity, then their words and their actions will become “zero”. In other words, when you do not respond in any way to these challenges, these people will lose interest and they will give up bothering you.

  1. When you are angry, instead of acting foolishly, think about the factor that triggered this emotion. I promise that a little bit of clarity will stop that anger from taking over the control of you and your mind.
  2. Indian guru Paramhansa Yogananda urged those who confront with tantrum frequently to look at those who trigger these feelings in them like they would be some five-year-old kids.

According to the Indian, in this way the anger will mostly disappear, because starting an argument with a child would be, well… embarrassing.

  1. You may have all the reasons to become upset, but you also know that by becoming angry you will do nothing but lose your peace of mind. So try to prioritize your inner peace, instead of focusing more on proving something to someone.
  2. Can you get rid of the anger generated by a person or something nasty that just happened in your life? Then do something totally different. The best antidote for dark thoughts is positive thinking. The best thing to do when you feel like you are going to explode, focus on what you really like, meeting a friend, doing anything else that might distract yourself from the tension that makes you feel so angry.

  1. Take a deep breath! The simple act of breathing might help you to start thinking in a more rational way because taking a deep breath will help your brain to oxygenate better. In the end, this simple process will induce calm and slow the process of increasing the adrenaline.
  2. According to the traditional Indian medicine, our body is covered in a “map” of very sensitive points of pressure, responsible for dictating our physical and mental states. Push hard, with your thumb, in the central part of your palms or soles. This method is extraordinarily effective for neutralizing the stress and anger.
  3. Smiling will not cost you a dime, plus, it can hook you up with some unpredictable benefits. When you smile, you relax and you also emanate positive energy.

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