The Miraculous Benefits of Rose Water

The Miraculous Benefits of Rose Water

The first time I bought a bottle of rose water was during my first holiday in Bulgaria

I wanted a souvenir, but I refused to purchase another fridge magnet or an “I love Bulgaria” t-shirt. Instead, I decided to focus on the beauty section because I knew Bulgaria is worldwide famous for its rose-infused beauty products.

I didn’t want a moisturizing cream or a rose perfume and the only product which drew my attention was this tiny bottle of rose water due to its this unique design and smelled so delicious. After a few days I got home, and obviously, that tiny bottle ended up stranded in my giant makeup case.

The Miraculous Benefits of Rose Water

However, one night I got home super late and although I was so tired I have finally decided to take my makeup off and clean my face before I go to bed.

That was also the moment I stumbled upon the rose water, which intrigued me and after I cleaned my face with it, I sprayed a little bit on my face and I left it on.

The feeling was so refreshing and after a week of adding this into my cleansing routine, I noticed my skin looked more revitalized and toned.

The effects of this, literal, “magic potion” is known since ancient times

Queen Cleopatra herself used rose water to wash her beautiful complexion because she knew how soothing its properties are. A few thousand years later, rose water has become equally appreciated by the cosmetics industry.

Rose water is not only used for creams and lotions but also for lips and hair products. You can buy this from any drug store or any beauty section and if you think you are capable of pulling this off, then you should know that you can prepare this by yourself with the right ingredients.

How to Prepare Rose Water at Home

In order to prepare rose water at home, Obviously you need rose petals and water.

  • For 4 hands of rose petals, you need approximately 250 ml of water.
  • Take 2 hands of petals and throw them into 250 ml of water and put the mixture aside from morning till evening.
  • The other half you are going to boil it in the same quantity of water.
  • Meanwhile, take the first mixture and strain the liquid until the water becomes clear.
  • After you have finished this part, take both mixtures and mix them together with a little bit of cool water.
  • Store the entire thing in a cool place.

The Magical Benefits of Rose Water

Rose Water for Your Complexion

  • With antiseptic, antibacterial and healing properties, the rose water is soothing and relieves the feeling and appearance of dry skin.
  • In the same time, it reduces the excess of sebum due to its astringent properties.
  • In addition to moisturizing the skin and improving blood flow, the rose water smoothness fine wrinkles.
  • It’s important to know this magical potion prevents the emergence of bacteria and it’s strongly recommended for daily cleansing.

Rose Water for “Rosy” Lips

  • You can always use this natural product to spraying on your lips or use it as a lip balm that you can prepare at home.
  • 2 teaspoons of rose water, 2 teaspoons of warmed honey, mixed together until the mix becomes Homogeneous – this does miracles with dry lips.

Rose Water for Hair

  • When it comes to hairs, the benefits of rose water are countless. You can massage your scalp to revive the blood flow in that area or you can spray it directly onto the hair to accelerate the regenerating process.
  • In case you have a really dry scalp and you are prone to hair loss, spray rose water directly on your hair daily, for a week.

For generations, women have rose water as one of the most important parts of their skincare regime. Both the rose water and the rose oil are some of the oldest beauty products and they were added by queens, nobles, and pharaohs into their bathing water for the amazing scent and for treating certain skin conditions.