Life Changing Tricks Every Beginner Runner Must Know

Give up on your current running style because it’s time for you to learn how to do this properly

By taking into account certain tips & tricks that I am about to share with you in the following minutes, you will become able to reduce both the duration of your training and in the same time, loose those “stubborn” extra-pounds.

We’ve been running since we started sharing this Earth with not-so-friendly predators. So how do we explain that some of us are simply incapable of running or jogging?

Apparently, there are a lot of reasons: jobs that encourage a sedentary way of living, the fact that we depend on our cars, sofas or, let’s face: pure laziness.

The need to exercise or to move disappeared completely from our busy lives and our muscles are being demanded lesser and lesser.

However, the saddest part is that people don’t feel the urge to change this worrying situation at all. Jogging your stress away it’s also the most simple and efficient method of burning fat and no other physical exercise will provide you with the same results as running does.

With the help of some tricks listed in this article, you’ll be able to run faster, without getting bored like never.

Considering the world’s most talented and successful athletes work so hard to become champions or win a competition, it is no surprise that coaches, scientists and even champions are constantly looking for new techniques to improve their performance.

Old Saying: People are born with a certain rhythm of running that no one cannot modify because this is how they were “built”

New Saying: Find a more efficient rhythm

The world’s most notorious athletes and experienced runners move in a more efficient way than a regular person (us), mostly because they struggle to consume as little energy as possible, no matter the speed.

This “effective rhythm” is comfortable and also reduces the risk of injuries.

Until recently, athletes, coaches and biomechanics experts believed that individual running patterns are too complicated to understand and amateur athletes will never be able to run like a champion.

The latest studies in biomechanics show that anyone can change their running style, with patience and discipline.

But you have to make the changes gradually and practice until you “get into the rhythm”.

Life Changing Running Tricks Every Beginner Runner Must Know

Let’s check out together what changes you should make in order to achieve the best running experience

  • Run “higher”: Gravity and weak lower muscles force most runners to bend more than necessary, when their legs touch the ground.
    This gesture will do nothing but consume your energy. Imagine that you have weights attached to your shoulders. Pull your hips out and maintain your stability when you place your feet on the ground.
  • Relax: The tension you feel in your arms, shoulders, neck and face reduces the level of efficiency. Do not strain the muscles of your arms and fingers. Relax those fists and the jaw.
  • Breathe properly: Your breathing must rhythmic and intense. Your diaphragm should do the effort and not your chest. Whenever you set your pace, be careful not to breathe quickly or superficially.
  • Step on the front half of your sole: If you do it backwards, then you will stretch your leg way too much and you will also lose your balance.
  • Stop trying that hard: The more you exhaust your body, the less efficiency you will get. Try to find that inner peace while making smaller but faster steps.
  • Your posture must be symmetric: Check your body posture in front of a mirror. If one arm is bent more than the other one, you are not doing this the right way.
  • Help your body to recover: In addition to a proper diet, your body also needs a supplement, which acts as a support system whenever you are overworking it. These products contain selenium, vitamins A, C, E, B and coenzyme Q10.

Stop stalling and start working in order to achieve your goals. Wasting time will do nothing but gradually destroy your physical and mental health.

Take into account every single element of your activity, especially nutrition, recovery, training and, why not, the required documentation.

Picture the moment you have achieved that goal, visualize them and try to create a mental picture as clear as you can, whether it’s muscle strength or definition.

How to Get Rid of Headache Within 60 Seconds

A migraine is basically a headache that, most of the times, appears from nowhere, has a medium or higher intensity and the power of screwing up our entire day. The power of concentration is diminished and social life becomes influenced in a negative way.

Every single person on this Earth experienced migraine at one point, but what you actually didn’t know was the fact that these nasty migraines are not triggered by the same causes and do not have the same characteristics.

Most Common Causes of Migraines Are:

  • After long journeys.
  • After numerous sleepless nights.
  • During a diet.
  • Before period.
  • After consuming cheese or red wine.

Ways to Get Rid of Headache Within 60 Seconds

Although its causes and intensity levels may be different, before trying anything else, like taking a pill, you should try one of these super-easy tricks, that will not take less than a minute:

  • Bite a Pencil

When we are nervous and stressed, without realizing, we clench our teeth. To prevent this, what you should literally do is to place a pencil between your teeth. It will relax your jaw and alleviate your headache.

  • Use Mint

If you suffer from sinusitis or allergies, massage your forehead with peppermint oil. Put a little bit of olive oil in the palm of your hand and mix it with a little bit of peppermint oil.

Apply the mix on your forehead, and massage your temples gently. Place a little bit on the tip of your nose and wait one minute.

  • Acupressure

This is an ancient method that focuses on certain points of our body to reduce or eliminate pain completely. Massage your index finger if a migraine is giving hard times and you might become surprised by the effects.

Chinese Acupressure Technique to Cure Migraines

  • Acupressure includes eight different points in our body meant to prevent or treat migraines.
  • To prevent or treat these, it is recommended to follow the instructions exactly as in the picture below.
  • Press and massage very slowly but vigorously for 30 seconds.
  • Massage the lines above and below the eyebrows (the contour of the eyebrows)
  • Use the middle finger and massage under, over the eyebrows, or the by using the joints of your fingers, while pressing the area slowly.
  • Use three fingers to circle the temples, then press vigorously and massage slowly for 30 seconds.
  • There are actually two occipital points. Use your fingertips and massage vigorously with upward movements for 30 seconds.

What are the Causes?

Doctors are not 100% sure what is the exact factor that triggers a migraine.

Until recently, it was thought a headache is mostly caused by the blood vessels in our brain, which dilate after they become contracted.

A more recent theory suggests that a wave of electrical activity is being initiated in our brains and begins to send confused signals, which eventually turn into symptoms.

A multitude of diseases such as sinusitis, dental abscesses, increased eye tension, meningitis, head trauma, aneurysm, glaucoma, flu, high blood pressure are accompanied by severe or moderate headaches, so you should definitely ask for specialized help immediately, even though some of these hacks turned out as useful.